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Bedroom Remodeling

Bedroom Remodeling

Master Suite & Bedroom Remodeling

“The most over-looked space our clients forget when remodeling their bedrooms is to expand the master bedroom closet space!”

If you have a large enough space, a great deal can be achieved if you decide on giving your master bedroom a makeover. If you currently use your bedroom only for sleeping, this can be a waste when you consider that it can be used for so much more – such as relaxing, reading or listening to music.

The trend in the designing of new homes and home remodel ideas today is to surround the occupant in comfort and convenience. This is no more evident than in the master bedroom. The master bedroom is the place where the homeowner can design an oasis of comfort and luxury.

Five Star’s master bedroom remodels give homeowners custom woodwork and design, years of custom craftsmanship and experience, beautiful window and closet selections, and superb project management for budgets and time.

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A master bedroom should be as luxurious and private as you want. List everything you’d like to have in the suite prior to starting your bedroom remodeling project.

Will you watch television there? If so, include a sitting area with an armoire for the TV set and adequate distance for comfortable viewing.

If you want to exercise, do you need a large, open floor space for a yoga mat or a partitioned area for a treadmill or exercise bike?

What amenities do you want near the bed? You’ll probably need a nightstand and reading light, but what about a music system?

Do you want to be able to watch TV from bed? Arrange the sleeping area, sitting area, exercise area and bathroom in a way that’s nice and convenient but so that each area doesn’t get in the way of another.